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We're a Marketing Boutique based in Denver, CO

We specialize in helping entrepreneurs & business owners grow their fashion, lifestyle & beauty brands.


We help you build a marketing strategy from the ground up to authentically connect with your customers. No matter what stage your business is in, we can help you initiate, maintain, or increase growth. 

Your success is our success. We are willing to do what it takes to make that happen.

What we do - About Roots Marketing Boutique
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We help with Brand Strategy, Content Creation,  PR + Marketing,  Social Media, Influencer Relations,  and Events + Campaigns. We offer strategy sessions, coaching, and photoshoot packages to help you with your marketing efforts.




Cara specializes in marketing, origination, and brand strategy. Her background as an entrepreneur and content creator means she knows the process from the inside out and allows her to develop custom strategies that are highly effective.

Being an influencer & professional blogger has given her experience in developing a loyal customer base, targeted content, and a uniform brand image across digital platforms. She has a solid background to be able to help you take your business from strong roots to sustainable growth.

Founder & Chief Creative Officer - Cara McIntire - About Roots Marketing Boutique
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More info on our amazing team is in the works and coming soon!

OUR THINKING: Roots. Reach. Grow.

The business growth process is pretty simple: you define your brand, reach out to the people that need your product or service,  connect with them first through a sale and after through brand loyalty, and then sit back and watch the growth happen, right?

​Well, maybe not that simple. Wherever you are in this growth spectrum, we are here to make sure you're doing the right things to not only maximize your potential now, but also set your business up to experience real and sustainable growth in the future.


ROOTS | About Roots, a marketing boutique

Good growth starts with strong roots, and for your business that means a great product or service, clear brand image, and story. We offer a variety of strategic marketing solutions, content creation services, and resources to help you build your brand & establish your roots.

REACH | About Roots, a marketing boutique

Once you have found your roots, you are ready to reach out to potential customers. If you're in this stage of you business, we will help you with creative ways to get your products and services in front of the right people at the right time, making meaningful connections with your customers along the way.

GROW | About Roots Marketing Boutique

If you have strong roots & have established intial contact with customers, we can help you grow your business through a variety of creative outlets including creative content, a custom social strategy, and marketing events.

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